Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Review of Golda's Balcony. The play at the clubhouse.

WE went to the show last... Golda's Balcony.  I knew it would be a play of course, Bella thought it might be a comedy, I wasn't sure, comedy, drama, musical, who knows? The opening was delayed for a couple minutes but seemed like an eternity.
The sound finally comes up and out on stage comes Golda, portrayed by Francine. An actress that I never heard of before, but has a very long and impressive resume of past performances, Gypsy, Hello Dolly, Fiddler on the Roof, Bus Stop, Mame, Driving Miss Daisy just to name a few of the dozens more.
The award winning Producer/Director Jay Kholos also has quite a list of past productions. Writer of the book, words and music of A Stoop on Orchard Street, directed musicals, My Catskills Summer and The Book Of Esther and others.
When Golda comes on stage, we are treated to a one woman show. She takes you back, as a young 4 year old girl in Czarist Russia, leaving the persecution behind and going to America.
Her parents struggle to get by in Milwaukee, and as a 15 year old, She leaves home to live with her sister in Denver and go to High School.
She learns of Socialism, Zionism and meets the man she will eventually marry in 1917.
In 1921, they go to Palestine and live in a Kibbutz. She tells of the inner struggle between her love of her family and their personal sacrifice for Goldas love of Israel.
The rest of the story tells of Golda going from working in a kitchen in the Kibbutz to becoming the Prime Minister of Israel and dealing with the Yom Kippur War. Dealing with Nixon, Kissinger, and her representative in the states and it's conclusion.
The acting was superb. Francine had you believing that Golda Meir was on the stage. She made you laugh, she made you cry. She made you believe in the words "NEVER AGAIN".
As we were walking out, after the standing ovation for a truly wonderful performance, you could hear the comments, "I never knew that...", "I learned so much about Golda..." "What a fantastic show" and "Riveting..."
It was. It was a shame more people did not see it. Not only was it a great show, it was an education.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Answer to Gary's post of his answer to me

AB vrs Comcast

This post is in reply to Bob Rivera's remarks.

What would you expect when you are complaining about the Comcast complainers. There is no else here. Comcast is the only provider we have and if something goes wrong or is not right, then we complain.

What would you expect when you look at AB and see that they are still in Miami somewhere and still have to start trenching. It somewhat dangerous to sign a contract, a 10-year contract before they are here and ready to go.

I have Comcast, of course. I have Comcast's DVR, it is always 90% full, no problem. I have all the channels Comcast provides with my plan. So what? I only watch maybe a dozen of them. I have 2 movie channels, I only watch one of them, HBO, so what?

What could I possibly do with 300 channels, 1/2 of them Spanish? (and still in Miami)

As far as complaining is concerned, I will still reserve the right to complain no matter what.

Gary, If you pay attention to the CSI owner Leo Delgado, the channels will not be Miami stations, but local. as far as your 1/2 of them Spanish, that's starting to sound pretty racist. Century Village has a growing Spanish speaking population. Many from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and other Spanish speaking countries. We have a growing Black population also, some from Caribbean island countries, others from other states and Canada. If you have a problem with that, then maybe you should consider someplace slightly more in tune with that way of thinking, they may even provide the white sheets for your bed or whatever...
As far as the original subject on hand, the trenching needed from Miami would be completed before the contract comes into effect, so what is the problem? We have almost two year left on the contract with Comcast, they are not offering a decrease in their charges, they don't have as many channels, they don't offer FREE service calls. What they DO offer is to start at the same amount that we are paying today. A "wire" check for free, so they will come into your house look at the wires, probably say, oh they're okay, and later CHARGE you when you have any kind of problem. 
Atlantic Broadband says they will provide FREE Maintenance. They will have someone IN THE VILLAGE whenever you have a problem, not just a call center that will put you on hold and schedule a truck to come out (for a price of course). In case you don't want to admit it, or maybe are unaware, there are many in the village that have issues with simple things, like hitting the wrong button on their remote and now their tv is on channel off and they don't get their program. Sounds like a simple fix, right? they call Comcast and rather than explain over the phone, they send a truck. Cha-ching! They take advantage of the elderly and technology-challenged. My aunt was one of those people before she moved out of the village. I would get 3 or 4 calls a week. Comcast would also get called by her if I was not available, AND THEY CHARGED $75 each time. So, no, comcast is not my choice, especially when there is a much better choice on the horizon. 

Monday, March 6, 2017


At just about every Delegate meeting that has any discussion on the subject of money, as in budget, or increases in fees, I always hear the same thing. "We have people here on fixed incomes, and they can't afford that increase of two dollars", or that increase of a buck and a half. 
At the past assembly meeting, someone complained that "the $1.25 increase at Atlantic Broadband comes out to $12.50 after ten years and that is a lot of money" BUT they were for keeping Comcast, which may I point out, that for the past six years, I have heard nothing but complaints about. 
Now that we have an option to save money on a much better deal, with fiber optic cable, TiVo DVR and optional internet at 100 Mbps, you want to keep Comcast? Why?
The same people that have complained about Comcast for years are now shouting out praises for it. Glory Hallelujah! Ed has saved us! or was it Neil? They can't seem to make up their minds, regardless, they are on the table and their offer is STILL higher than Atlantic Broadband.
Ignore the fact that the price starts out at what you pay right now then increase EVERY year (compounded)  at 3%. 
Atlantic Broadband is $1.25 yearly. 
The price in the 10th year is $44.31 for Comcast and $40.25 for Atlantic Broadband.
For 187 channels (CC)  vs. 315 channels (AB)
You don't want internet? Don't get it. IT IS OPTIONAL. For those that do get it and want to stream video, use for their magic jack, or Hulu, Netflix etc. Comcast will offer 75 Mbps, AB is 100 Mbps.
Let me repeat that for the hard of reading (or hearing in some cases)
Yet some are still complaining that it is too much money, but they will vote for Comcast...
A few are worried about the trenching for the fiber optic cables, a couple concerned with losing valuables when their homes get rewired (they will be in your home no matter which you choose, one (AB)to rewire, the other (CC) to "check" your wiring, and while on the subject of wiring, CC is only offering a "wiring check" while AB is offering FREE MAINTENANCE. You know CC will start charging those ridiculous fees for sending a tech. Both are saying they will have a dedicated service rep, but only AB is have on ON SITE... IN CENTURY VILLAGE. 
If you still want Comcast after this, don't complain about them. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Comcast VS. Atlantic Broadband

Bella and I Did some number crunching with the info we had and went to a Presidents meeting at UCO today. I, like many of you was looking at the comparison charts and it was a little confusing, especially the last line showing the $350/unit vs. #450/unit and did not realize that it is the amount that WE (UCO) gets FROM Comcast and Atlantic Broadband! 
If you look at just the numbers 
channels: ..Comcast 187 /AB 315
PRICE: Comcast 32.29 / AB 29.00
after 5 years .....CC 38.27 /AB 32.75
10 yrs ...............CC 44.36 / AB 39.00

option with internet included 
Mbps .......CC 75 / AB 150
price .......CC 52.50 /AB 50.99
after 5 yrs CC 60.86 /AB 55.00
10 yrs  ... CC 70.53 / AB 61.25 

Makes things a little clearer?
Atlantic Broadband is the wiser choice. Oh yeah, I also mentioned at the meeting that with AB we get a THIRD community channel and suggested that it be handed over to the other people in the village to voice their opinions. David liked the idea.


Are you a Paypal user? 
Well look out. There is some scammers sending phishing e-mail that actually look authentic, but they are saying that you have purchased an item. 
There will be a charge for whatever the amount (in this example it was 119.00) for shoes from Florsheim Shoes.
Since I know I did not order anything, I know it wasn't mine. 
t also had the "shoes going to an address in Illinois and had the complete "verified" address. that is a BIG RED FLAG!!!!
If you get something like this, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS! They are phishing (fishing) for YOUR INFO, and will even have an official looking log in for Paypal. If you sign into it, you have given them your log in for Paypal and might as well kiss your life savings good-bye. 
What you need to do :
1. Forward the e-mail to and
2. Report it to Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
    You can fill out an online report, and also forward the email to PBSO or copy and paste it to the report.
3. File a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at
 PLEASE, I must stress this again, DO NOT CLICK on ANY LINKS on the e-mail. Be sure your anti-virus software is up to date, and REPORT IT to the proper authorities.
Be Safe...... Bob

Friday, February 24, 2017

Let’s take a look…(sorry so long)

The man claims to be not interested.
( I will be interjecting my responses as we go along, hope it doesn’t confuse you too much Kind like a red letter edition of the good book)
I was amazed to see Bob Rivera's comments posted on David Israel's blog. I am not interested in responding to his allegations about me as I don't think my personal affairs ar any of his business.

However, I would like to comment on his postings in general.
He went to great lengths to find some issue that he could use to advantage in his campaign to discredit me.  Neil, discredit? Really?

He published the details of a residence in Royal palm Beach registered in the same name I possess. he apparently spent some effort in (just two minutes Neil, Not hard to do) searching the databases for something,  finding a house registered to my name is the best he could do.  Whether or not this home is owned by me is neither here nor there. But the fact that he would go to those lengths and publish those two minutes for VERY PUBLIC ) details on David Israel's blog is a pretty good indication of the underhanded tactics he and David Israel employ. (If you want to look up public records, you can find them on PAPA, the actual information he refers to is this:
Does Moore even live here anymore? I know he doesn't own here. according to PAPA, he (or someone with the same name) owns a half million dollar dollar property 

Location Address 9629 SPRAY DR
Parcel Control Number 00-42-43-30-08-000-0150
Subdivision BREAKERS WEST PL 9
Official Records Book 
27596 Page 1630
Sale Date MAY-2015
Legal Description BREAKERS WEST PL 9 LT 15
View Map
2016 Proposed Tax Notice
Owner Information
Mailing address
Sales Information
Sales Date Price OR Book/Page Sale Type Owner
MAY-2015 $520,000 27596 / 01630 WARRANTY DEED MOORE NEIL J

If this is him, then why is he even bothering with the poor people of Century Village? Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM....

Further postings suggest that I don't even bother paying rent. That is an unfounded and scurrilous allegation. His belief that only property owners have a stake in the village harks back to a period in American history when elections were dominated by male landowners. Concepts that are antiquated, outdated and overthrown long ago. 

 (My response to this part) 
The suggestion that you do not pay rent must be in your mind. No where does it say that you do not pay rent. In another posting it was mentioned that you may not even rent in the village, but nothing even close to suggesting that you do not pay rent. Above is a copy of the posting from David's blog... 
"...antiquated, outdated and overthrown long ago." yes, maybe, but we are not talking about a State or a country, we are discussing CONDOS, where as a RENTER, you have NO VOTING RIGHTS.
 It is a group property OWNERS, as many others groups that have guidelines from the State of Florida. Not a Renter's association.
 If there had been as I once suggested, a delegate to represent renters, that would be another story, but as I was shut down even from some of the so-called "malcontents", that was never to be, why? "Because they do not own and have no say in village matters". (That quote from one of your friends, a former writer/editor for the Reporter and frequent write to Gary’s blog.)

Does Mr. Rivera believe that the same principle of exclusion should be practiced in federal and State elections? One would have to think so in digesting his stated position on the matter.

(My response to this part) 
This paragraph is not applicable to the matters of Century Village. Once again, this is not a state or country. The owners send a delegate to the assembly to represent them. Even if they give to vote to every individual, renters will not be included, why? They DO NOT HAVE ANY FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN THE VILLAGE.
 Each association is a business. As owners in that business, they have a right to say whatever they need to, or want to say.
Renters pay for the privilege of living here. But have no say in how things are run at this time. 

               I don't think that I have to explain my reasons for renting a unit rather than purchasing. Suffice to say that my time of the last few years has been divided between relaxing in Florida and working in Canada, My last project in Canada lasted for just over a year, during that time I continued to be involved in CV matters as I have always been a proponent of civil rights, and fair treatment for all. My conscience would never permit me to turn my back on the commitment I made to my friends and neighbors in Century Village. whether i am here or somewhere else.

Mr.Rivera and all residents of the village can rest assured that I fully intend to continue my efforts to bring truth to light in Century village no matter the slings and arrows of the misguided.

Carry on McDuff!!

Neil J.Moore
I wholly agree with Bob Rivera, who is Neil Moore living in Canada to write anything about what goes on here in Century Village. I guess you need detractors Gary and you have many!!!
This rule should, to most of the writters for the NYTimes as well as oter well know newspspers. They may not live in the area of publishing but their opinion is still valued.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sneaky business redone

What is it with the delegate haters? If Ed Grossman tries to speak he gets boo,d. No matter what he says or does, he gets boo,d.

This time he was reporting to the assembly a situation that he came across and attempted to fix it and he did. The outcome was the savings of considerable monies for each of the unit owners, So the delegates, at least the haters and the uninformed did not want to hear it, so the boos.

So that outcome was stupid. What was happening was that the UCO President had decided who he wanted to supply us with TV, Wifi and maybe telephone services, This was done to the exclusion of all other applicants.

David Israel did not invite any other bids.

That is until Ed Grossman spoke to Comcast. They were not aware that there was bidding going on. So they immediately contacted Israel and were given a chance to bid.
(Ed takes credit, Neil, his renter editor takes credit…in the meantime Ed gets called a liar to his face by the CSI guy…

The outcome was that Comcast has now become the favorite bidder. At least that seems to be the case for now,

What I do not understand, why no additional bidders? Why accept Atlantic and nobody else? Who gave Israel the right to decide on who bids and who does not. So, anyway it appears as if the bidding was opened up to include Comcast and now they are the favorite.

We will see how this finally comes down. Who is lying to the Delegates and why?

And here is another stupid thing. My blog is open. I accept anybody's post. Israel's blog is closed. You have to be registered to comment or post. The list of acceptable posters is small. I am not on it. All of the people that have the nerve to object to Israel's doings are banned. So it looks as if I am slandered on Israels private blog and I have no recourse to respond (except on the public blog. My Village Blogger). And I notice that the acceptable posters are limited in number and all in the Israel Camp.

 Gary Olman   


I was at the DA meeting and did witness the shameful exchange between the parties involved. I also responded to Neil's article and suggested whom ever ED spoke to at Comcast, should once more be contacted to confirm the date & time of the conversation that took place between himself & the Comcast representative....Then present it..that will prove once & fore all who has their facts straight...CSI rep was out of line, calling Ed a Liar.... (Hmmmm, was he?)
A secret deal was signed by David Israel giving CSI the nod to conduct negotiations for WIFI.CSI stands to get almost a half million dollars for working this deal. It's a damned disgrace. The only reason we are contemplating a new contract is because David israel is determined to fulfill his ambitions of getting WIFI. The present contract with comcast is effective till 2019. Why dones CV want to spend that kind of money? Why was ATlantic Broadband named as the provider of choice? What gives David Israel the authority to sign a contract of this magnitude without delegate approval? Theres a lot of money at stake . Could that be the reason for all this nonsense? The best option for the village would be to clear the air by rejecting any proposal at this time, and starting afresh with a new administration. There'a no rush to seal a cable TV deal right now.there's something not right about this whole thing.
Reply (why is everything you disagree with always decided bt a “SECRET MEETING”?
Paranoia is a real issue, something that should you really should get checked out.
No secret deal. You should go to the Delegates meetings and you will learn a lot of information. It has been discussed a lot and David Israel keeps the delegates informed. Gary lies!!!!
Hey Gracie, Go back and review the delegate meetings, you will hear David Israel tell the delegates that Comcast was not interested in bidding. If you had half a brain, you would figure out that Comcast was not interested in bidding two years before their contract expired.
David did not tell Comcast that he was planning to secure a contract with Atlantic Broadband, two years hence. If he told Comcast, you bet your ass, they would have bid. Want to know why he didn't - because he was anxious to get his freaking broadband installed pronto, before the delegates woke up and figured out what he was doing. 
For your info Gary, people are tired of Ed Grossman and his nonsense. Whatever is brought good or bad by David Israel will tried to be derailed by the likes of Gross man and Olga, your friends. If you all so hate the village why do you live here. We live in a beautiful village with the Volunteers working VERY hard to make us all happy. You know you can't make all the people happy all of the time and the haters can't be made happy. You are a poor soul.
Some people may be tired of Ed Grossman, It's those who support Israel no matter what he does. "Whatever is brought good or bad will try to be derailed" WRONG! If you look carefully, you'll see that just the things that are being brought that are objectionable are being derailed. Things like: signing a $450.000.00 contract without delegates approval. Handing over $800,000.00 to WPRF to fix their building, when the owners should be fixing it, turning a blind eye to the goings on at Sheffield O for years. Continuing a crusade for WIFI when the residents said NO. TWICE. Firing able and motivated volunteers for no other reason than they objected to his activities. Throttling the village media so that they only espouse his party line. As for hating the village and why don't some of the objectors go somewhere else. That's totally out of line. Obviously they like it here, but will not stand back and say nothing when they see that something is not right. Perhaps if Grace is tired of her neighbors, she should go live somewhere else. It's sad to hear that Grace can't be made happy all the time. She obviously hates Ed and Olga and whoever else makes an objection to wrong-doing in the village.
Mandala you can't read. I asked if Ed and Olga and their like dislike the village so much why live here. I have lovely neighbors where I live here in our lovely village. The delegates are tired of listening to Ed and Olga. Go do a delegate's meeting and see for yourself. Ed and Olga just undermine all that is good in the village.
He (Neil Moore) doesn't even own anything here, but Grossman made him editor of his newsletter. Nothing comes out of his pocket but rent, and there are some doubts about that by some.
Very unnecessary comment, Bob. It doesn't make you look so bright. So what if Neil Moore is the editor of the Messenger. John Doe can be editor too. Neil Moore has a lot of constructive things to put in print. What does Israel have to say? He says basically nothing. All he does is report the news. Bob, I was once your friend and I'm advising you to stop searching for dirt.
Why show making a true statement be unnecessary? If he has no financial stake in the village, why should you listen listen to him? He doesn't lose anything. If I recall Ms. Once your friend, you were pretty vocal about another renter that worked at UCO and the Reporter. I was not spying on my so-called friends. I did not send advance copies of materials to be published to anyone. I was not asked to leave because of questionable work ethics. Need I go on?
Lighten up, Bob. You're getting defensive. Your argument regarding Neil Moore is not valid. If you don't like what he has to say, well, that's okay because you and others have your own opinions. But, to argue that he has no business writing for a newsletter that you don't happen to like, because he rents property here rather than own, is getting personal, and it's like you can't find anything else to say. Don't forget, you and I both know that a lot can be dug up about you and your past and it may be personal. Let's not go there. There are a several writers for the Palm Beach Post. Most of them don't even work for the paper. I'm giving you good advice. Stop searching for dirt.
Reply  Oh what do you think you are going to get? Now mind you, Make sure it is true, and not the stupid little rumors you make up, because those may come back and bite you in the butt… Please bring them on. By the way, I am not the one running for office, you are. It’s not like I don’t know who you are. Also If I recall, you were also one of the people wanting to get rid of the renter is the reporter and UCO. Ineresting ….
Bob Rivera constantly attacks people and tries to throw dirt on their character, he does this when he really has no good response to the issues or what his opponents are saying. his statements are full of untruths and attempts to incite bigotry. He posted some info about a homeowner in Royal Palm beach, obviously knowing nothing about the man or whether or not it is the same person he was trying to defame. As for why he was asked to leave the reporter. I hear that it was because he was unhappy that the paper wouldn't publish an offensive cartoon he drew up, depicting a dog and a bunch of fecal matter. Not only that the people in the office were getting fed up with his so called therapy dog following him everywhere.
Reply There goes that word…the word of a true Democrat. Bigotry. You tend to forget that it was the DEMOCRATS that voted to KEEP slavery, that voted to keep the black man from voting, no don’t call me a bigot. Inciting bigotry belong to people like Al Sharpton, and the black lives movement. But let me not get into the dirty politicsof either party, this is a LOCAL matter, a local issue, trying to incite matters like that should be left for the big dogs, not a pup.
As far as the man and address that bears your name or one similar, matter of Public record. Heck Neil, I know you’ve looked up mine by now…let me know if you need help with that.
what part of NO FINANCIAL STAKE in the village don't you quite get? It's easy to bark at a problem when you have no intention or means to be part of the solution. If you don't have a stake in the village, you can just get up and walk away. As a renter, you pay for the privilege of using the facilities. You have no say in what the OWNER can or can't spend money on. That is for the owners or their representatives (who are also owners) do. Did I hit a nerve ? Sounds like you are the one being defensive. 
I just read tonight that all volunteers must be owners that are members of UCO. Interesting. Oh yeah, be sure to catch my response to Neil in my blog. It will be published very soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cease and Desist ??

I think a question needs to be brought up... Why is Ed Grossman, a delegate and NOT an officer or committee member (that I am aware of) calling anyone and trying to negotiate ANYTHING for the village? HE IS NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL and therefore has absolutely no authority to call anyone and try to negotiate anything. He should be reprimanded for doing so.
It is the job of the ELECTED officials of the United Civic Organization of Century Village.  The reason for UCO existing is to negotiate the best possible contracts for the village. THAT is the function and purpose of UCO.
 Bob Rivera 


Hi Bob,
Let me assure you that no action taken by Mr. Grossman, or Mr. Moore have had any effect on our negotiations, except to confuse issues.

The Principals are well aware of the Malcontent component!

Dave Israel
Excellent question and response!

Hi Bob,
I am with you and many others in believing it could have been damaging to insert oneself in the middle of serious Village negotiations with the Cable Committee, CSI and the telecommunications companies as "The Messenger" folk did, but I would like to clarify a point: On the "My Village Blogger" Neil Moore says that he, NOT Ed Grossman, was the one who contacted someone at Comcast, plus he says no actual NEGOTIATIONS took place.
So, according to Moore, the gentleman from CSI was correct in calling Grossman a liar? And once again, I have to ask, why is someone that is not an owner in the village and has nothing invested in the village and may not possibly even live in the village talking to Comcast trying to represent the village? Is he nothing but a professional agitator? Could be.

Hi Bob,
I am with you and many others in believing it could have been damaging to insert oneself in the middle of serious Village negotiations with the Cable Committee, CSI and the telecommunications companies as "The Messenger" folk did, but I would like to clarify a point: On the "My Village Blogger" Neil Moore says that he, NOT Ed Grossman, was the one who contacted someone at Comcast, plus he says no actual NEGOTIATIONS took place.
So, according to Moore, the gentleman from CSI was correct in calling Grossman a liar? And once again, I have to ask, why is someone that is not an owner in the village and has nothing invested in the village and may not possibly even live in the village talking to Comcast trying to represent the village? Is he nothing but a professional agitator? Could be.

To end this, let’s just say, Neil, whether a renter or an outsider, has no stake in the village, yes neil, it is THE OWNERS that have a say in what goes on in this village. They and their representatives in the delegate assembly.