Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Been a while...Some issues to ponder.

Part I
It has been quite a while since I have posted, well here goes, one issue I would like to put out there is our CAM, Donald Foster.
This village got one hell of a bargain with him. The first year he volunteered to take it over and because a license is needed, the village paid for his school... not much... about $300 or somewhere close to that... Once licensed he took the job and is being paid LESS than half of his predecessors salary, a lot less. He was paid more than $70k. Donald makes somewhere around $30K.
You can argue about him having less experience until you are blue in the face, you WILL NEVER, EVER find anyone to do what he does for this village for less than $90k a year. 
I have personally seen him go out after a storm and unclog drains with a rake. 
He rides around on his golf cart and personally makes sure work is being done, if not getting his hands dirty and doing some of it either side by side with his crew or contractors or by himself.

 I asked about getting him a very deserved raise at the last Delegate Assembly and was met with comments about 'when he reaches his first year on the job'... but he already has been on the job over a year. He took the position officially after getting licensed, but he has been doing the job much longer. 
I made comment that his raise should be in the annual budget, and that was met with a comment that his raise would come out of the Atlantic Broadband doorway fees. Did I hear that right? That is not where an employee's pay should be coming from. His pay should be in the budget. If it not, and I don't believe I am going to say this,  but the budget should not go forward until The CAMs salary is included. 
He should be paid a competitive salary, or we take the chance of losing him to some other place willing to pay much more. We have the Home Field advantage. He lives here and cares about CVWPB.
Think about it.

Part II
People Walking on the streets. We paid a lot of money to have sidewalks, and while there may be more needed in areas, there is NO EXCUSE for people to be walking on the perimeter roads. Will it take the death of someone to get something done? 
If you walk on the roads, you take your life into your own hands. We DO have people on the roads here in the village that should not be driving. Need proof? Just look at the pictures on the CV blog or the paper that show people driving off the roads and hitting trees or other cars. The hardest thing for some people to do is to admit to themselves that they really need to stop driving. 

Part III
Stop feeding the animals. Including the alligators! I went out on our patio with family to have a nice outdoor meal. Everything was pretty nice until we realized we are being watched very carefully. Little Wally Gator seemed to be waiting for a handout, that tells me, someone, someone very ignorant has been feeding this gator. After the tragedy in Walt Disney World of a child killed by an alligator, would feed one is a complete mystery. I could only conclude that the person is just ignorant. You have been told before and now again not to feed the wildlife in and around the village, now anyone that continues is no longer ignorant and graduate to the ranks of Stupidity. 

Thanks for reading...Bob 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We need these signs

I wonder if people will ever get the hint, that feeding the ducks cause more problems than not.
Yeah, it's nice to feel like you're back on the farm feeding your livestock, but fact of the matter is, They probably never had a farm nor lived in one and the closest they came to one was feeding the pigeons in the park while sitting on the bench.
Feeding ducks bread hurts them more than helps.  Having them gathering behind the homes of the feeders is causing possible heath hazards to others, as well as making people walk through Duck crap on the perimeter walkways. Someone has started placing food in the middle of the walkways so you have no choice but step through the duck crap. If people would walk their dogs and let them crap all over the walkways and not pick up after them,, everyone would be up in arms. Some would be up in arms even if they pick up after the dogs, which as long as they pick up after them they have nothing to complain about but still do. But do they say anything about the ducks?
Maybe every dog owner in the village should walk their dogs near the homes of these Feeder and not pick up after, then maybe the neighbors would curb their neighbors feedings. Just sayin'...
It cost us fifty bucks a bird to relocate them... I would think we give them $50 and they have freezers full of Peking duck at least once or twice a week.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

review of Olga's suggestion

Not to say that Olga's suggestions are all bad, in fact some are good and some need a little revision and some need to be eliminated. the very first one Unnumbered, is one that desperately needs revision.
 One vote in UCO elections for all resident unit owners.  One vote per unit.    If you are going to make it more like our local elections, then it has to be one person, one vote regardless of how many units owned. If you own one unit and you have a spouse, two votes, If you own ten units and are single, one vote. ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE. 
  1. No President or officer shall use their personal website for any UCO business. David's website does provide vital information for the village. It is not called David Israel's blog, just as your blog is not called Olga's blog or Gary's blog.
  2. Establish a UCO website for informational purpose only. see above.
  3.  2 – 2-year term limits for all UCO officers and executive board members.  Presidential term limts is what you really want, at least that is what you wanted in the past, now you want to limit everyone? You won't get anyone to volunteer and those that do will have no clue of what to do. Term limits Bad idea. Your vote IS your term limit.
  4. No President, or officer of UCO shall sign any contract, budgeted or not over $1,000 without delegate approval. NOTHING would get done. 
  5.   In the event of an emergency, a special meeting of the delegates may be called with notices in the clubhouse, website and channel 63. If a quorum is not present, the majority vote prevails. I believe this is already in effect and always has been.  
  6. Officers shall not vote on more than two committees. All committees shall be limited to two votes by any officer.  This, I believe is stated incorrectly. They meet in the Officers meeting and have a vote, they attend the Executive board and vote again (THIS is where they should not have a vote, unless the vote ends in a tie, at which time the president or chairperson would be the tie-breaker). 
  7. When a president violates a bylaw and is given written notice of said violation, he must correct the violation within 7 days. If a president violates three bylaws without correcting said violation, he is subject to removal of office by a majority vote of the delegate assembly.  
  8. No resident of Century Village shall be a paid employee of UCO. You would be putting some of the guards out of work as UCO pays for the guards and many residents are guards. They would have to lose their jobs
  9. A forum shall be held each year for all candidates running in the UCO election. Not a bad idea, 
  10. The chair of a committee shall be the sole person authorized to remove a member of his/her committee. The chairs picks 'em, the chair should have the choice, however, just the same, the President picks the chair and has the right to remove.
  11. A sitting President shall not have the authority to arbitrarily remove the chair of any committee without just cause. Unfortunately, this is Florida where anyone can be fired without cause. 
  12. The UCO Reporter, shall be available to all residents within the guidelines of a professional news organization.  It shall contain an op-ed column. OP-ED? The Reporter is fine as is right now. It has never been better. the suggestions by some to put all the ads in a separate section are ludicrous at best. If that is done, no one will advertise and the only money making entity in UCO will become nothing but a little newsletter like others around the village. 
14. The Century Village Blog, channel 63 and 85 shall be available to all residents within the guidelines of established rules. You do have access, within established guidelines.
15. Information submitted by various clubs shall be made available to the residents at each delegate assembly. And then we can make it a three and a half hour meeting. Club info or announcements should stick to 63 and 95 or the paper.
16. The position of ombudsman shall be restored
17. All committee meetings shall be videotaped or recorded. As long as legal matters or bids are not discussed.
18. All committee members and their votes on any issue shall be published in the UCO Reporter.  Wasted space on the paper.
19, The bid committee shall be included in the list of UCO committees.
20. Clarify procedures for removal of officers. 
21. With the exception of emergencies, a quorum must be available for any motion to be passed when presented by the executive board. By or to?
22.  UCO may hold weekly staff meetings which shall be limited to the volunteer 
staff and officers. Discussion shall be limited to the operation of the UCO office. Voting of any business outside the parameters of the UCO office is prohibited 
Why are you proposing limiting what can be discussed at a staff meeting? It is a STAFF meeting. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Atlantic Broadband, the way of Century Village's Future.

Gee Linus, I'd hate to give up on my ol' faithful TV set, But times are changing and sooner or later you just have to change with them.

Get more, pay less, Isn't that what EVERYONE in the Village wants? The best quality, they most programming, the best service, FOR THE LOWEST PRICE???? So what is the issue? it's a no - brainer. Atlantic Broadband has it all.  MORE CHANNELS, More Premium Movie Channels, FREE SERVICE CALLS.
Face it, Sooner than later you will be getting a new TV and getting rid of that beast in your living room and bedroom. Wouldn't it be nicer being able to use all the features built in now? Forget comcast... they want you to pay $62+ for internet service if you aren't signed up initially and if you are a snowbird and shut it off even if you had signed up, you get charged the 62+ after you return. Comcast=A LOUSY DEAL. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Review of Golda's Balcony. The play at the clubhouse.

WE went to the show last... Golda's Balcony.  I knew it would be a play of course, Bella thought it might be a comedy, I wasn't sure, comedy, drama, musical, who knows? The opening was delayed for a couple minutes but seemed like an eternity.
The sound finally comes up and out on stage comes Golda, portrayed by Francine. An actress that I never heard of before, but has a very long and impressive resume of past performances, Gypsy, Hello Dolly, Fiddler on the Roof, Bus Stop, Mame, Driving Miss Daisy just to name a few of the dozens more.
The award winning Producer/Director Jay Kholos also has quite a list of past productions. Writer of the book, words and music of A Stoop on Orchard Street, directed musicals, My Catskills Summer and The Book Of Esther and others.
When Golda comes on stage, we are treated to a one woman show. She takes you back, as a young 4 year old girl in Czarist Russia, leaving the persecution behind and going to America.
Her parents struggle to get by in Milwaukee, and as a 15 year old, She leaves home to live with her sister in Denver and go to High School.
She learns of Socialism, Zionism and meets the man she will eventually marry in 1917.
In 1921, they go to Palestine and live in a Kibbutz. She tells of the inner struggle between her love of her family and their personal sacrifice for Goldas love of Israel.
The rest of the story tells of Golda going from working in a kitchen in the Kibbutz to becoming the Prime Minister of Israel and dealing with the Yom Kippur War. Dealing with Nixon, Kissinger, and her representative in the states and it's conclusion.
The acting was superb. Francine had you believing that Golda Meir was on the stage. She made you laugh, she made you cry. She made you believe in the words "NEVER AGAIN".
As we were walking out, after the standing ovation for a truly wonderful performance, you could hear the comments, "I never knew that...", "I learned so much about Golda..." "What a fantastic show" and "Riveting..."
It was. It was a shame more people did not see it. Not only was it a great show, it was an education.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Answer to Gary's post of his answer to me

AB vrs Comcast

This post is in reply to Bob Rivera's remarks.

What would you expect when you are complaining about the Comcast complainers. There is no else here. Comcast is the only provider we have and if something goes wrong or is not right, then we complain.

What would you expect when you look at AB and see that they are still in Miami somewhere and still have to start trenching. It somewhat dangerous to sign a contract, a 10-year contract before they are here and ready to go.

I have Comcast, of course. I have Comcast's DVR, it is always 90% full, no problem. I have all the channels Comcast provides with my plan. So what? I only watch maybe a dozen of them. I have 2 movie channels, I only watch one of them, HBO, so what?

What could I possibly do with 300 channels, 1/2 of them Spanish? (and still in Miami)

As far as complaining is concerned, I will still reserve the right to complain no matter what.

Gary, If you pay attention to the CSI owner Leo Delgado, the channels will not be Miami stations, but local. as far as your 1/2 of them Spanish, that's starting to sound pretty racist. Century Village has a growing Spanish speaking population. Many from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and other Spanish speaking countries. We have a growing Black population also, some from Caribbean island countries, others from other states and Canada. If you have a problem with that, then maybe you should consider someplace slightly more in tune with that way of thinking, they may even provide the white sheets for your bed or whatever...
As far as the original subject on hand, the trenching needed from Miami would be completed before the contract comes into effect, so what is the problem? We have almost two year left on the contract with Comcast, they are not offering a decrease in their charges, they don't have as many channels, they don't offer FREE service calls. What they DO offer is to start at the same amount that we are paying today. A "wire" check for free, so they will come into your house look at the wires, probably say, oh they're okay, and later CHARGE you when you have any kind of problem. 
Atlantic Broadband says they will provide FREE Maintenance. They will have someone IN THE VILLAGE whenever you have a problem, not just a call center that will put you on hold and schedule a truck to come out (for a price of course). In case you don't want to admit it, or maybe are unaware, there are many in the village that have issues with simple things, like hitting the wrong button on their remote and now their tv is on channel off and they don't get their program. Sounds like a simple fix, right? they call Comcast and rather than explain over the phone, they send a truck. Cha-ching! They take advantage of the elderly and technology-challenged. My aunt was one of those people before she moved out of the village. I would get 3 or 4 calls a week. Comcast would also get called by her if I was not available, AND THEY CHARGED $75 each time. So, no, comcast is not my choice, especially when there is a much better choice on the horizon. 

Monday, March 6, 2017


At just about every Delegate meeting that has any discussion on the subject of money, as in budget, or increases in fees, I always hear the same thing. "We have people here on fixed incomes, and they can't afford that increase of two dollars", or that increase of a buck and a half. 
At the past assembly meeting, someone complained that "the $1.25 increase at Atlantic Broadband comes out to $12.50 after ten years and that is a lot of money" BUT they were for keeping Comcast, which may I point out, that for the past six years, I have heard nothing but complaints about. 
Now that we have an option to save money on a much better deal, with fiber optic cable, TiVo DVR and optional internet at 100 Mbps, you want to keep Comcast? Why?
The same people that have complained about Comcast for years are now shouting out praises for it. Glory Hallelujah! Ed has saved us! or was it Neil? They can't seem to make up their minds, regardless, they are on the table and their offer is STILL higher than Atlantic Broadband.
Ignore the fact that the price starts out at what you pay right now then increase EVERY year (compounded)  at 3%. 
Atlantic Broadband is $1.25 yearly. 
The price in the 10th year is $44.31 for Comcast and $40.25 for Atlantic Broadband.
For 187 channels (CC)  vs. 315 channels (AB)
You don't want internet? Don't get it. IT IS OPTIONAL. For those that do get it and want to stream video, use for their magic jack, or Hulu, Netflix etc. Comcast will offer 75 Mbps, AB is 100 Mbps.
Let me repeat that for the hard of reading (or hearing in some cases)
Yet some are still complaining that it is too much money, but they will vote for Comcast...
A few are worried about the trenching for the fiber optic cables, a couple concerned with losing valuables when their homes get rewired (they will be in your home no matter which you choose, one (AB)to rewire, the other (CC) to "check" your wiring, and while on the subject of wiring, CC is only offering a "wiring check" while AB is offering FREE MAINTENANCE. You know CC will start charging those ridiculous fees for sending a tech. Both are saying they will have a dedicated service rep, but only AB is have on ON SITE... IN CENTURY VILLAGE. 
If you still want Comcast after this, don't complain about them.