Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Atlantic Broadband, the way of Century Village's Future.

Gee Linus, I'd hate to give up on my ol' faithful TV set, But times are changing and sooner or later you just have to change with them.

Get more, pay less, Isn't that what EVERYONE in the Village wants? The best quality, they most programming, the best service, FOR THE LOWEST PRICE???? So what is the issue? it's a no - brainer. Atlantic Broadband has it all.  MORE CHANNELS, More Premium Movie Channels, FREE SERVICE CALLS.
Face it, Sooner than later you will be getting a new TV and getting rid of that beast in your living room and bedroom. Wouldn't it be nicer being able to use all the features built in now? Forget comcast... they want you to pay $62+ for internet service if you aren't signed up initially and if you are a snowbird and shut it off even if you had signed up, you get charged the 62+ after you return. Comcast=A LOUSY DEAL. 


  1. Hello Bob, I saw your paint job on bus #1. mpressive. Feel better

  2. Thank you Gary. Back home now. Feeling much better.

  3. do you know when the atlantic broadband will be available?

    1. The contract begins in June 2019. I believe if they have your building completed beforehand, You will be able to get services then. Next Wednesday is the Broadband meeting at UCO. You are welcome to come and ask any questions you have at that time.


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