Thursday, March 2, 2017

Comcast VS. Atlantic Broadband

Bella and I Did some number crunching with the info we had and went to a Presidents meeting at UCO today. I, like many of you was looking at the comparison charts and it was a little confusing, especially the last line showing the $350/unit vs. #450/unit and did not realize that it is the amount that WE (UCO) gets FROM Comcast and Atlantic Broadband! 
If you look at just the numbers 
channels: ..Comcast 187 /AB 315
PRICE: Comcast 32.29 / AB 29.00
after 5 years .....CC 38.27 /AB 32.75
10 yrs ...............CC 44.36 / AB 39.00

option with internet included 
Mbps .......CC 75 / AB 150
price .......CC 52.50 /AB 50.99
after 5 yrs CC 60.86 /AB 55.00
10 yrs  ... CC 70.53 / AB 61.25 

Makes things a little clearer?
Atlantic Broadband is the wiser choice. Oh yeah, I also mentioned at the meeting that with AB we get a THIRD community channel and suggested that it be handed over to the other people in the village to voice their opinions. David liked the idea.


  1. Bob your post is good and almost correct. The list of Com.cast channels ahs been corrected. It is over 350. Not that makes any real difference. I only watch at most 1/2 dozen total. What I think ismore important AB does not exist, yet in our area, so there is great possibility they might fail in finishing up on time. I say we would be better off with Comcast

  2. To say they do not exist in our area yet is not a good argument for not going with them. They will have the better part of two years for the construction that needs to be done. Their fiber wiring will be superior to the wiring presently in place with Comcast. The savings alone, which normally everyone wants, is better with Atlantic Broadband. E doorway fees are $100 MORE per unit than Comcast. What are you afraid of? It just makes sense to go with AB.
    The 350 you refer to must be the doorway fee, because I just juecked and they are offering only 187 channels. As I write. This I am at the DA and checked with Mr. Israel to get the facts straight. Although it may change later, I doubt it will match AB...

  3. DA is over and everyone polled wants to PAY MORE for less, I guess that's the way it goes with condo living. The next person that claims the DA is a bunch of sheep that don't really know what they vote on, I will just pat them on the back and say, So true, so true.


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